Eye of the Storm

We are confined, safe, and content. But what happens when that barrier comes crashing down? || Photo by Ivy Son from Pexels

Agnes Martin captured her emotions in self-isolation via painting as demonstrated in With My Back to the World. It was a way for her express her raw emotions while staying away from the distractions and cacophonies of the world. When she looks back, she can just be remembered of the subtle emotions that drifted inside her one random morning. Peaceful and lounging in its authenticity.

In my AP Lang class, my teacher asked us, “What would you put in a time capsule to sum up this past year?” — this year as in the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. I realize now that he had timed this question up on the same week, one year ago, from the day it was announced that school will be closing until further notice. He also wanted to know what we would capture to help us remember about the joys in the midst of this darkness. When we step into the light and out of the shadows of a box, how will our peace be distraught by the bustles of this frantic world?



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